Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Only service dogs are allowed on Civic Field

Q: What types of money are accepted at the event?

A: Check, card, and cash! Make your checks out to ECBI|CEF, memo to BBCW or your team's name.

Q: Is it easy to find?

A: The Bellingham Brain Cancer Walk is hosted at the Civic Field Stadium - click here for directions.

Q: How do I get in?

A: There will be a registration tent heading towards the field. That will be the entrance and exit to the stadium.


Q: Can I donate beyond the registration fee?

A: Of course! We accept cash, check, or card on the day of the event. Make your checks out to ECBI|CEF, memo to BBCW or your team's name. Also, on the registration website, you have opportunity to donate.


Q: Is the registration fee tax deductible?

A: The registration fee for the Bellingham Brain Cancer Walk is not tax-deductible. However,

any donation you make to the Bellingham Brain Cancer Walk or End Brain Cancer Initiative is!


Q: There’s a beer garden? Do i need my ID?

A: Yes! Thank you to Boundary Bay Brewing for sponsoring the beer garden. In order to partake, ID will be required at the entrance to the beer garden.


Q: I want to invite friends to the beer garden, but they don’t want to walk.

A: No problem! Still, encourage them to register or donate.  The beer garden is open to any and all over 21 years of age. No registration fee is required. However, they will be asked to stay in the beer garden. At the registration tent, tell the staff that you are there for the beer garden.


Q: That’s great that Haggen is selling lunch! Can I bring in my own?

A: Haggen will be offering sandwich’s & water in their tent near the beer garden. Please refrain from bringing outside food & beverage into the stadium. Re-usable water bottles are permitted.