What is the BBCW?

The Bellingham Brain Cancer Walk is a non-competitive walk which promotes awareness of brain cancer and preserves the legacy of the late Hannah Dashiell who was tragically killed in a car accident in January 2014.

What is the BBCW's mission?
In addition to keeping Hannah’s dream alive, the BBCW stands out to give everyone an opportunity to support loved ones lost, survivors, those currently battling the disease, and the estimated 77,000 people to be diagnosed in 2016 (data from CBTRUS 2015). The BBCW is a fundraiser, organized by a local committee in Bellingham. Our mission is to help the victims of brain cancer & their families cure this deadly disease and to promote healing through fundraising.
How did the BBCW get started?

Hannah’s Walk for Brain Cancer (now the BBCW) was founded by Hannah Dashiell whose grandfather Jerry passed away from brain cancer in 2007. Hannah was planning the first BBCW for 2014 when she was tragically killed on January 5th. Her family, friends, and classmates banded together in a volunteer effort to fulfill Hannah’s dream and launch the first BBCW 2014. Participation in this event has increased each year and bringing the community of Bellingham and the greater Whatcom county area even closer.